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IntelliFlux Controls delivers process automation software and expert systems for water treatment facilities and technology.


Existing and aging water treatment facilities, particularly those involving membrane filtration plants benefit from IntelliFlux controls as the software immediately and visibly improves plant performance, optimizes cleaning cycles, and improves energy efficiency and overall OPEX of the plant.


IntelliFlux Controls was created to deliver the next generation of PLC and SCADA operations software to make your systems run better than you ever imagined while simultaneously lowering your operational costs.


IntelliFlux combines real-time control of your filtration and water treatment system with a rich array of decision-making information based on historical and predictive analytics utilizing cloud-based data mining and artificial intelligence based computing.

Lower OPEX

IntelliFlux uses real time intelligent software to optimize your membrane cleaning protocols to minimize your energy, cleaning water, and consumables consumption. IntelliFlux will raise the overall productivity of the system leading to less disposal costs for wastes and headache

Protect Against Upsets

IntelliFlux responds to sudden fluctuations and spikes in influent quality or other extraneous factors influencing the filtration process, and can deploy suitable measures for protecting the membrane against irreversible fouling. This is the least expensive insurance for your membranes guarding against sudden upsets that can even be programmed to automatically trigger a shutdown sequence if adverse influent quality persists

Intelligent Decision-making

IntelliFlux, through cloud based monitoring, provides automated performance reports for your plants utilizing advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms, giving you unprecedented insights into your plant performance.

Better Controls in a Box

The award-winning IntelliFlux® self-adaptive and autonomous controls software was invented to optimize the performance of filtration systems in extremely difficult to treat process applications. Such applications included mobile water treatment systems where the influent water quality varies tremendously over very short time periods. When influent conditions change and as systems naturally foul over time, IntelliFlux adapts and adjusts cleaning protocols in real-time to ensure stable system performance with maximum water recovery, process uptime, and filter useful life. This unique control software delivers peace-of-mind to plant operators and engineers who would have to otherwise manually react to adjust for changes in operating conditions, often only after irreversible damage has occurred to the filter or system.

IntelliFlux was successfully developed for ultrafiltration membranes and is now additionally capable of intelligently managing the operations of a variety of filtration and water treatment technologies. IntelliFlux also incorporates advanced online monitoring that includes automated normalized reports and intelligent predictive analytics.

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